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    Find our frequently asked questions below. This page will be updated regularly.

    What is AIOW?
    AIOW is a new platform that takes a refreshingly different approach to social media.

    Who can join AIOW?
    Everyone over 18 can create an account.

    Who can view my posts?
    When a user posts a story, a picture or a video, they can select who can view the post; either all users (including free-tier accounts), just your followers or your sponsors. They can also select who can comment on the post.

    Free-tier is a non-verified user that cannot post content.

    Who can post and share on AIOW?
    Every verified user can post and share on AIOW.

    How can I get verified?
    One of our key principles is that AIOW users post and share content in their own name. This is why we want to verify your identity when creating an account. This procedure is similar to the one you go through when you take out a mobile subscription.

    Does AIOW use my data to show me relevant ads?

    How does AIOW handle my data?
    Our users’ data are never sold to third parties.

    How many accounts can I make?
    One. AIOW allows for one account in your own name.

    What is the difference between a business account and a private account?
    A business account enables you to create advertisements and promotions on the offers page or on the map. You can also create a business profile so people can find your products and/or services on AIOW. Additionally, you can hang an AIOW QR code in your brick-and-mortar store to update your customers via the app.

    How many accounts can I follow?
    You can follow as many accounts as you like.

    What is the top 150?
    AIOW sends you updates and messages on your top 150 favourite accounts. You can create your top 150 by ticking the checkmark on a favourite account. You can follow more than 150 accounts, but you won’t see their updates on your timeline. Of course, you can always check their profile page to see what they’re up to.
    (Why 150? Check Dunbar's number)

    How do you deal with Bots and Troll accounts?
    We aim to prevent fake accounts as much as possible through our verification procedure.

    Do you use end-to-end encryption?
    We do not use end-to-end encryption. This choice is based on our wish to prevent the spread of unwanted material and behaviour.

    Does AIOW also show those annoying advertisements in between posts and videos?

    What kind of content can I post?
    The first version of the app allows for posting and sharing text, hyperlinks and pictures.

    No videos?
    The first version does not enable video just yet. A next version will include a so-called “Jukebox model”. This means that videos can be uploaded when paid with credits, and can also be rewarded with credits.

    An example.
    You make a 15-minute video of 300 mB. Uploading the video costs 1 AIOW credit, which allows for 150 views. If your viewers like the video, they can reward you with a credit, which allows for more people to see the video.

    AIOW-credits can be used to reward users, to post and view videos and to place and claim offers.

    What are the 3 smileys under my post?
    The three smileys can be used by your followers to label your post as positive, neutral or negative content.

    We use this data to label your post. If you like, you can set up a certain period of time in which you only want to view a certain type of content.

    An example.
    Want to wake up happy? Set up a time period from 07:00 to 09:30 o ‘clock in which you only see positive or neutral content.

    Anything else?
    email us at support@aiow-app.com