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    What is AIOW? (Video)

    Social media are an invaluable part of many people’s lives. Staying in touch with friends, meeting new people and sharing what’s on their mind; it’s all happening on online platforms.

    Yet on many social media, the contents are determined by the makers, the social media companies. They decide which of your friends’ posts you see, and which commercials appear on your screen. They collect your data and use it for their own purposes. This calls for an improvement. It’s time for a platform where the users are in charge.

    We proudly introduce the AIOW app. A platform that’s all about creating and sharing content. We don’t interfere with our users: you are in full control of your profile and data. AIOW makes social media fun again!

    Read more Richard Vermeer 21 Jun 2020


    21/06 What is AIOW? (Video)