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    As a team, we are persistent and uniting, and we have an eye for innovation and the rapid changes in the world.


    R. Vermeer

    Richard has several years of experience as a managing director and as the owner of an ISO9001 certified company. At AIOW, he is the spokesperson when it comes to internal communication.

    J. Rutgers

    Jeroen has been an independent entrepreneur since 2000. He has been looking for solutions regarding social media and freedom of speech for some time now. At AIOW, he is the heart of marketing, sales and research.

    K. Vermeer

    Kenny has been an independent entrepreneur since 2010 and has more than ten years of experience in logistic planning. At AIOW, he is responsible for effective operations processes.

    C.R. Claus

    As the enterprising force behind Dickhoff Design, Camiel is constantly working visually and commercially. Driven by his interest in social media, he has been involved with AIOW from the very beginning, providing advice and inspiration.

    A. Remie

    Alexander is a Solidity and Full-Stack Javascript developer. He has worked at various companies including a Fintech, and has experience with online payments and technology.


    E. Boorsma

    With almost thirty years of experience as an independent entrepreneur, a CEO and a major shareholder of a company based in 11 countries, Eelco operates worldwide. His eye for the rapid changes in the world makes sure that AIOW stays on top of the game.